wget is a powerful command used on linux for retrievel remote, or local, objects using http and https protocol.

Well, we can do something

for j in `cat list.file` do.....

However, last command use 2 conditions: it’s sequential, it execute wget for each file one by one, sequentially and, second if the remote server limit download speed our wget command can take a long time for download each file.

So, what can we do?

Just using marvelous pipe *unix facilities we can launch one wget command for each file contained on your file list.

echo $URL_LIST | xargs -n 1 -P 10 wget -q


  • $URL_LIST is a variable storing all files required to download
  • -n= take on argument at time
  • -P= Execute “n” parallel wget process

To consider, if you’re using a high parallel wget number your ip can be block for remote server, your bandwidth can be unusable and you computer can be blocked.

Enjoy this help!

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